From Europe's SUNVIEW women, in adhering to the international women's brand simple and bright, chic and elegant, elegant details, understated luxury clothing cultural identity, while well versed in Chinese women of color, style pursuit, coupled Crafts Take the European fashion, Clever fusion of personality and elegance unique style of dress and, ultimately, to create a perfect urban women "fashion, simplicity, intellectual, elegant," the classic image.
Innovative sense - a wide selection of apparel
sense of quality - superb - worth Japanese tailoring sewing techniques
worth sense - affordable luxury
  Enterprises and senior management personnel in ages between 29 -39 years old, the civil service, the host, editor, freelance, namely the urban middle class, white-collar workers rather than younger. There is experience of a mature woman, with clear Fashion Style: Fashion, wise and elegant; · Self-struggle, give them a stable development and good social status, but do not think of themselves as a strong woman; · Know how to live, I do not know will not blindly consumer savings, best at a reasonable expenditure to create their ideal life; · Wenwan Yi people, and get along with her inspiring.