From the European SUNVIEW GOLF clothing, in adhering to the international movement of women stylish, practical, functional clothing cultural identity while; versed in Chinese golfers of color, style pursuit, coupled Crafts Take Europe apparel fashion personality unique style: the perfect final for the golf enthusiasts to create a "self-confidence, fashion, fun, similar to" the classic image.
Fashion sense---The perfect combination of sports and fashion elements, emphasizing the
         beautiful flowers and with nature, to create stylish golf
Quality sense---Functionality and comfort compatible fabrics, superb technology
         demonstrates superior quality
Worth sense---Affordable luxury so that you become on the pitch, life's most beautiful
Enterprise senior management personnel, civil servants, presenters, white-collar, sports-loving urban women.
● Intellectual woman would enjoy life
● Self-struggle, admit defeat. Bring their stable development and good social status.
● Get along with her inspiring.
22-year-old -29-year-old potential consumers. Core consumer group 29-39 years old. Extend consumer group 39-45 years