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How to start a clothing line

How to start a clothing line

First: Create a solid and clear business plan

Your business plan needs to lay out how you intend to manage your clothing line. Like tech pack, hand plot, production picture etc. Our team analyze your style and give you professional interpretation and their opinion about it including clothing market analysis, fashion information in the clothing market.

The clothing market analysis, we can let you know about the Strength Weakness and Opportunities. So you will know more information of the garment, Better develop your small brand. You will be stronger than your competitors. Company description. We teach you how to make a company description to give people an idea of what your clothing line is about, what differentiates you from your competitors, and the markets you want to gain a foothold in.

Secondly: Souring best fabric what you need

While making any kind of cloth you have to choose the right fabric. Fabric is the most important thing that you should give importance. It determines the overall style and beauty of your clothes. There are many types of fabrics. But don’t worry about that because our team will recommend fabric options after analyzed your style and the kind of cloth you want. Our souring fabric team will also suggest the fabric market by showing you fabric component and colors and gram and other details. Meanwhile show you those information by picture or video. We can give you those information very fast, because we have a strong team. So you will to select the fabric as per your needs and your choice.

Third: Determine Your Size

It can be super frustrating to walk into a shop and have to wade through cloth after cloth to determine your size! Don’t worry. Although cloth sizes are different at most stores, as long as you know your measurements, you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out which sizes work best for you. In order to better customize your style, you can let us know the exactly size you want in the sample or by giving us your measurements. So we can base your measurements to make sample. If you not have idea in the size don’t worries, our designer can adjustment for you and teach you how to do that.

Fourth: Make a sample

This stage is also very important as you can show us any detail you want such as: art work, stitch way, printing effect. We will confirm again those details with you by making a sample so that we can minimize the mistakes. We promise you to be careful on every single aspect to give a perfect service to our loyal customers.

Fifth: Shipping to your house

We will arrange shipping for you after making a sample to help our customers to minimize shipping cost because we know how to well pack and aware of cheap shipping companies. Fast and low freight rates are our specialty.

Sixth: Post-sales service

You can let us know any comment after receiving a sample which may include measurements ,color options and if you need any other change. we are best in position to help you to accomplish your wish and to keep well working with you even in future

Seventh: Make bulk order

You can make bulk after you approve every detail. We will base on your details to proceed with the final production, as faster as we can to finish your bulk order, and arrange the shipping for you in short period of time.

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