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Solamoda Group

Making the world a better place with the power of garments.


Identify fashion trends before it begins and provide unique design selection twice a year, to help refine original ideas to perfection


Locate reliable suppliers across Asia to develop originally designed accessories, negotiating prices to lower costs


Create tangible garments by your preference, provide experiences & suggestions, and revise development until satisfied


Streamline factories to decrease lead time. Professional workers with keen work ethics update the necessary styles of the machine

garment OEM, apparel OEM, costume OEM


Solamoda Group was founded in 1993, the group's headquarters is located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China's ancient textile city, is one of China's top 100 professional apparel enterprises integrating: fabric research and development, garment design, production and sales. Our business includes ODM and OEM production and OBM operation. 50% of our ODM and OEM production business is exported to Japan, 35% to Europe and America, and 15% to various domestic brands.

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Solamoda Group has 4 trading companies in Nantong, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan; 8 large modern factories, including 4 factories in China, 2 factories in Myanmar, 1 factory in Cambodia and another factory in Vietnam; and overseas offices in Spain, Denmark and so on.

SOLAMODA, garment OEM, apparel OEM, costume OEM


"Passion, integrity, care, responsibility and action" are the values that lead every Sanrun person forward. Continuously promoting innovation, professionalism and efficiency in fabrics and garments, and quickly responding to meet customers' needs, is the mission that every Sanrun person pursues hand in hand. "Make the world a better place with the power of garments" is the vision that every Sanrun person aspires to.

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